Our Company has a modern chemical laboratory with latest technology instruments and qualified personnel to perform all the analyses required by legislation.

Each batch of lubricant is controlled by the chemical laboratory prior to release. Full archive of samples is kept and there is traceability of each batch of products from the start of production until their delivery to every customer. To ensure the quality of our product, we have implemented a quality management system which has certified according to international ISO 9001:2008 standard.

In addition, extensive analytical methods such as:

Visual inspection

Kinematic Viscosity of all products at 40°C and 100°C

Specific Gravity

Pour point of Petroleum Products

Apparent Viscosity in Cold Cranking Simulator in temperatures between -5°C and -35°C of Engine Oils (CCS – Cold Cranking Simulator)

Total Base Number (TBN)

Evaporation Loss of lubricating oils in extreme high temperatures and conditions which can exist inside the engine by the Noack Method (Noack)

Determination of water in liquid petroleum products by Karl Fischer method.

Infrared Spectroscopy for qualitative analysis of products (FTIR)

Demulsibility characteristics of lubricating oils for control of marine lubricants (ability of oil and water to separate from each other)

Foaming characteristics of lubricating oils

Flash point by Open Cup Tester and Closed Cup Tester (Flash Point)

Amount of solid residue in Used lubricating oils

Sulfated Ash from lubricating oils (Sulfated Ash)