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Automatic Transmission Fluid

A.T.F. is a high performance red colored transmission fluid for automatic transmissions and power steering. Suitable for all automatic transmissions of most passenger/commercial vehicles. Provides oxidation and thermal stability under all operating conditions.

Automatic Transmission Fluid CVT

A.T.F CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission Fluid) is a synthetic, high performance transmission fluid, designed to meet the performance requirements of most OEMs equipped with CVT gearboxes, which rely on high steel-on-steel friction to transfer power. It provides excellent thermal and oxidation stability, as well as optimized friction characteristics for extended transmission life. Prevents the oil film break and has superior lubricating properties in arduous operating environments.

Automatic Transmission Fluid L-VI

A.T.F L-VI is a synthetic, high performance automatic transmission fluid, that provides ultimate protection for modern transmission systems. In addition, it achieves extended transmission life, improved oxidation and thermal stability as well as optimized friction properties. Exhibits outstanding resistance to sludge and sediment formation, improved wear protection and excellent low temperature performance.

DCTF Dual-Clutch Transmission Fluid

DCTF (transmission fluid for dual clutch systems) is a 100% synthetic transmission fluid, designed for the new generation of VW dual clutch transmissions (DCT & DSG). This product is based on fully synthetic base oil technology for safe operation even at the highest thermal load. Provides high performance under severe operating conditions thanks to the advanced antioxidant system. Features maximum wear protection for longer transmission life.